Connecting the whole of Norway to the World

The Celtic Norse Cable system will connect Central Norway to Ireland, with further connectivity to the United States Eastern Seaboard. Celtic Norse will provide new  fibre connectivity, and new opportunities for the growing data centre industry.



NordavindDC Sites have, with financing from TrønderEnergiAS, Eidsiva EnergiAS, and Eidsiva bredbånd AS commissioned and implemented a Desktop Study (DTS) that shows technical feasibility, as well as commercial opportunity, in constructing a fibre optic cable system between the existing cable landing station in KillalaBay, County Mayo, Ireland and a new site at Øysanden, just outside Trondheim, Norway.

With the ever increasing need for bandwithand data storage, there is growing demand for both datacentres and fibreoptic cables providing the interconnecting links between datacentres.

With an ever increasing part of the worlds population getting access to internet, demand for green storage of data with fibre optic line running between them, is set to increase. Norway has an abundance of land and power, and is set to capitalize on this trend, providing we have the right international fiberconnectivity.

Celtic Norse will answer this call and will provide regions previously to far away from international connectivity with the right incentive for Data centre operators to invest in them.



The landings station at Øysandenprovides the best strategic position in Norway for future Data Centre Development, as well as Trondheim being a major domestic fibre hub.

Cable route is approx. 2000km, providing the safest route possible from Ireland to Norway and crossing just 3 major pipelines on the way.

Celtic Norse will open up major Data Centre sites for further development throughout Norway, and provide much needed connectivity to large Power Grid Points suitable Enterprise and Large Scale Data Centres.

Celtic Norse will provide the possibility of international connectivity for Nordic telecommunications companies and open the region up to more international operators looking to provide peering and internet services throughout the Nordics on a new and diverse route.

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Celtic Norse will put 4  Counties looking to develop there datacentre industries in direct contact with North American markets, and unique position only offered by few other areas in the Nordics.

The counties of Innlandet, Trøndelag, Møre/Romsdal, as well as Nordland, possesses abundant power resources, as well at developed datacentre sites and existing colocations facilities.

Trondheim is the de facto fibre hub for Norway’s north to south connections, a perfect place to provide international connectivity into.

Celtic Norse will be the main vessel for developing datacentre, internet and communications industry in these counties for the future.

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